SEMA Workstation

New Generation ECG Data Management System

SEMA is a workflow-driven diagnostic data management system with flexible support for different operating systems, database management systems, and multiple languages.


Full integration: SEMA supports bi-directional communication to all SCHILLER devices as well as seamless integration in hospital information systems and archives, allowing maximum efficiency in patient treatment and time saving for the institution.


Clinical efficiency: SEMA allows the user to complete work processes in a few clicks thanks to advanced tools like the inbox (continuously updated recording list), batch editing, user-defined search criteria.


Customizable: The new intuitive user interface offers the possibility to easily tailor screen layouts and workflows to the needs of every user. User-defined interpretation templates, acronyms and reports are available as well.


Increased safety: Features such as role-based login, automatic log off, safety management and active directory offer optimal protection for archived data.


Available in two tailored versions to suit the needs of your organisation:

  • SEMA Office (up to 10 workstation licenses)
  • SEMA Enterprise (unlimited number of workstation licences)


  • Patient and recording management
  • SCHILLER filtering technology
  • Integration with all PC-based and embedded devices
  • Resting ECG and resting rhythm review
  • Review of exercise test data
  • Review of resuscitation data
  • Review of spirometry recordings
  • Review of SCHILLER ergospirometry recordings
  • Managing recordings made with SCHILLER ABPM recorders and with SCHILLER Holter ECG recorders as well as reports generated by medilog DARWIN2

Availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.

SEMA Workstation