Communication gateway

SCHILLER server is a communication gateway which allows SCHILLER products and systems to exchange information with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) via Health Level 7 (HL7) messages or PACS system communication via DICOM standard.



  • Patient demographic query (PDQ) speeds up access to information, reduces manual data entry and minimises errors
  • Imports patient demographics via Admit/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) messages into the patient database of the product
  • Exports findings, validations and diagnostic data and waveforms (in PDF format) via Observation Result/Unsolicited (ORU/MDM/DFT) messages
  • Supports the import of work items from a HIS or PACS system by HL7 ORM messages or DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Bi-directional DICOM support (waveforms, PDFs and worklist)
  • Fully configurable to integrate with all HIS which implement v.2 of the HL7 standard via file transfer, socket transfer or web services
  • Supports seamless HIS integration of most SCHILLER diagnostic products
  • Allows SEMA clients connection to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) user management systems (like Microsoft Active Directory)

Availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.