The innovative ECG analysis program

Setting a new benchmark for the clinical application and quality of ECG analysis


Thanks to our long-standing experience in the area of ECG interpretation, our analysis programs can be used with SCHILLER ECG diagnostic and monitoring systems, as well as in combination with common devices by leading suppliers.


Since our products are fully compatible, they are suitable for a multitude of care and examination environments in hospitals and practices. Independent physicians as well as physicians and assistants in inpatient or outpatient care or intensive care units benefit from the unique analysis results.



  • Complies with standards for the acquisition of 12-lead ECGs and the analysis of paediatric patients
  • Automatic second opinion with proven clinical “Gold Standard“ accuracy that was tested against a comprehensive ECG database comprising numerous diseases and deviations from the norm.
  • Arrhythmia analysis including atrial arrhythmias, pacemaker detection and QT measurement.
  • Minimises the time spent on the evaluation of ECG recordings
  • Accurate, validated measurements of the heart rate, axes and intervals.
  • Interpretation criteria for paediatrics.
  • Gender- and age-specific interpretation criteria for acute myocardial infarctions in adults to ensure a high level of security for the detection of significant changes in the most critical blood supply areas.

Availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.