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Diagnostic ECG, pulmonary function testing, rescue devices for professional and lay users, and patient monitoring:
Our products are characterised by their leading-edge technology, highest quality and precision. It is not without reason that «Swiss precision» is acclaimed around the world.

General Practice

Time saving

Many SCHILLER units offer multifunctionality and are networkable so that they can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure to save you time.

Ease of use

SCHILLER devices feature application and interpretation aids such as hook-up advisor, lead reversal detection and simple 1-2-3 steps for an intuitive and hassle-free use.


SCHILLER devices provide best signal quality and accurate diagnostic algorithms. Precisely localise a coronary obstruction or diagnose heart disease, thanks to high-frequency signals.



At SCHILLER, cybersecurity and data protection are of fundamental importance. User authentication, data encryption and connectivity security are constantly reviewed and advanced.

Ease of use

SCHILLER devices feature an intuitive user interface, touchscreens and guarantee fast communication. They are built for high-volume output.

Robust hardware

SCHILLER devices withstand daily wear and tear, are resistant to aggressive disinfectants and endure the rigours of a hospital environment.


Compact and lightweight

SCHILLER devices can be used in extreme conditions and are the ideal companions for land, water and air interventions.

Intuitive operation

SCHILLER devices with intuitive operation and tactile Touch’n’Save interfaces allow the rescuer to focus on the patient.

Seamless interaction

SCHILLER solutions simplify the documentation process. Patient data is continuously available from outpatient care to intra-hospital care.


Ease of use

SCHILLER AEDs are easy to use – for everyone, even in a multilingual environment. Three simple illustrations and spoken instructions ensure clear understanding

Works when needed

SCHILLER AEDs have an acoustic signal and LEDs that indicate the device status and the actions that need to be taken. The status of special “Online” AED devices can also be supervised using SCHILLER’s AED fleet management system.

CPR assistance

SCHILLER AEDs feature a chest compression assistant that indicates the correct positioning of the hands, sets a regular rhythm and provides real-time feedback on the compression frequency.


45+ years of experience

SCHILLER products have been standing for reliability, longevity and accuracy for over 45 years.
That's why physicians have relied on us for decades. You too can trust us.

Innovation is a priority

SCHILLER sets new standards with the development and production of state of-the-art devices. Our pioneering courage is what sets us apart. Our innovations are the tools that will help you save lives.

Global presence

We are here for you. SCHILLER employees and local certified project partners are at your side providing a personal contact. Advice, training or service,
we are listening.