FeNO by NIOX® – A safe and easy way to instantly transform your asthma care


FeNO by NIOX® – A safe and easy way to instantly transform your asthma care

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  • Inhale – Inhaling first achieves the best results. This is unique to NIOX®
  • One test, one result – NIOX® Flow Rate ControlTM ensures that your patients have a successful test leading to accurate results every time
  • Exceptional filtration efficiency – NIOX® filters have been extensively tested in independent laboratories. They have ≥99.99% bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Three engaging animations – Keeping a steady exhalation throughout the test is crucial to obtain an accurate FeNO result.NIOX® has clinically validated visual and audio cues to make completing a test simple and fun
  • Next level analysis – NIOX VERO® also takes a ‘zero gas’ measurement immediately after the patient’s test. This
    measurement is subtracted from the final result, to ensure further the patient’s FeNO value is accurate and reliable, without needing any calibration of the sensor or device.
  • A unique algorithm – NIOX® electrochemical sensor uses a well-established and documented algorithm based on a linear relationship between sensor signal and gas concentration, to ensure accurate results over the full sensor range without compromise



Dr. Arjun Khanna

Pulmonologist & Intensivist

Amrita Hospital, Delhi NCR

I rely on the advanced PFT workstation, which includes PFT, Body Box, CPET, and FOT. SCHILLER's PFT system is my workhorse, allowing me to diagnose advanced lung functions with ease and precision. It has proven to be a reliable tool, enabling me to provide the best care to my patients with respiratory disorders.


Dr. Deepak Talwar


Metro Hospitals & Heart Institute, Noida

The Schiller CPET system is unparalleled in accuracy and service quality. With its exceptional interpretation capabilities, I trust this system to deliver successful outcomes in all my chest-related procedures. Its reliability has earned my utmost confidence, making it an indispensable tool in my practice.