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GANSHORN PowerCube Diffusion+

Acquire both Diffusion and Distribution Dysfunctions in one Measurement

Accurate and reliable analysers enable a high-resolution display of the wash-in curves of CO and helium.

Any existing diffusion and distribution disorders become immediately visible. Our system’s demand valve regulates the gas intake, providing economical benefits.

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  • No volume calibration needed
  • Determination of diffusion capacity (TLCO) and helium-FRC SB in accordance with ERS/ATS standard
  • Continuous display of the exhalation concentrations of CO and helium for the precise differentiation of dead space and alveolar plateau
  • Economical measurement of gas consumption
  • Optimisation of the breathing manoeuvres aided by informative assistance diagrams
  • Fast multigas CO analyser
  • Real-time molar mass helium analyser
  • Detect diffusion and distribution disorders at a glance
  • Assistance diagrams optimize breathing manoeuvre
  • 3D swivel arm: flexible, height-adjustable interface
  • Real-time breath: for patients that are unable to hold their breath for a prolonged period
  • Measurement can be carried out without breath being held
  • Intelligent Demand Valve (IDV) secures patient, lowers the cost per test, and optimises gas usage

Highly accurate and precise ultrasound

Maintenance free

Fast semi-automatic gas calibration