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GANSHORN PowerCube Body+

Complete Respiratory Diagnostics System

The body plethysmography is a very sensitive lung measurement used to detect complex or mixed lung pathology that might be missed with conventional pulmonary function tests.

Upmost long-term stability in conjunction with our new analysis algorithms enables you to initially differentiate between asthma, COPD, restriction or any combination of these disorders just by looking at the shape of the curves.

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  • Full pulmonary function testing lab including recording of all pulmonary volumes and diffusing capacity
  • Diagnose Faster – Within a minute obtain results for airway resistance, dynamic / static lung volumes and flow / volume curve
  • Maintenance-Free, Clean and High-Precision via Ultrasound Technology
  • Longlife Rapid Gas Analyser – No replacements or periodic changes needed
  • Broad Spectrum of Option: Multiple available programs, making the PowerCube Body+ your comprehensive analysis device
  • Cost & space optimized
  • ATS / ERS Guidelines: Fully conforms to Gold Standards
  • LFX (Our User-Friendly Intuitive Software): Latest programming technologies safeguard natural day-to-day workflow


  • Body plethysmography (TGV)
  • Airway resistance (Eff, Tot, 0.5, mid, peak)
  • Slow Spirometry
  • Forced Spirometry / Flow-Volume
  • MVV (Maximal Voluntary Ventilation)


  • MIP / MEP (Muscle Strength)
  • ROCC
  • Diffusion Test (Later / field upgradation not possible)
  • FRC – Nitrogen Washout (Later / field upgradation not possible)
  • Provocation Test
  • Rhinomanometry with SNIP Test
  • HL7 / DICOM compatible through SEMA software

Detect complex or mixed lung pathology

IDifferentiate between asthma, COPD, restriction

Ultrasonic flow measurement


Automatic, simultaneous calibration




Dr. Arjun Khanna

Pulmonologist & Intensivist

Amrita Hospital, Delhi NCR

I rely on the advanced PFT workstation, which includes PFT, Body Box, CPET, and FOT. SCHILLER's PFT system is my workhorse, allowing me to diagnose advanced lung functions with ease and precision. It has proven to be a reliable tool, enabling me to provide the best care to my patients with respiratory disorders.


Dr. Deepak Talwar


Metro Hospitals & Heart Institute, Noida

The Schiller CPET system is unparalleled in accuracy and service quality. With its exceptional interpretation capabilities, I trust this system to deliver successful outcomes in all my chest-related procedures. Its reliability has earned my utmost confidence, making it an indispensable tool in my practice.