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ERG 911 HK

Hand Ergometer

Hand ergometer for mobility-impaired patients

SCHILLER’s hand ergometer has been designed for mobility-impaired patients with its construction being based on the SCHILLER bicycle model ERG 911 plus. The seat can easily be slid away to accommodate paraplegic patients.

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  • Two operational modes:
    • Remote operation with a master device (ECG, PC, …)
    • Standalone operation with either a user-definable step protocol or manual load control
  • Blood pressure measurement (optional)
  • Horizontally or vertically adjustable seat
  • Noiseless mechanism even at high speed
  • Small usage of floor space (73 x 150 cm)
  • Low weight (75 kg)

Accomodates paraplegic patients

High load precision

Quiet mechanism even at high speed