Discover the DEFIGARD® HD-7, SCHILLER’s latest defibrillator / monitor. Compact and lightweight, benefit from its easy-to- use interface to access all main functions.

The DEFIGARD HD-7 is a concentration of SCHILLER’s long and proven experience in defibrillation, ECG and connectivity. Available with defibrillation paddles or pads, the DEFIGARD HD-7 will support all healthcare professionals.

The DEFIGARD HD-7 is designed to be intuitive, with a large 7” touch screen as well as its one-step mode selector. The Touch’n’Save interface allows direct access to the desired feature without losing time. The device automatically transmits self-test results and facilitates device pool management thanks to its remote software and configuration updates.

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  • Paddle or PAD models
  • Automatic regular self test
  • 1–2–3 workflow in manual defibrillator
  • Touch’n save user interface, Easy access to all functions
  • Easily select the necessary mode (Monitor / Manual Defib. / AED / Pacer / Test)
  • Manual shock upto 200 J
  • Audible and visual shock load indicators
  • Cardioversion (Synchro mode)
  • 25 selectable energies including 1 – 15 in 1 J steps for infant defibrillation
  • 200 shocks with maximum energy or 8 hour monitoring with 32 NIBP measurements
  • Single Connector for all types of Defibrillations
  • Energy selecting, charging and shocking can be easily operated through paddle Inbuild paediatric paddle
  • Easily check the patient’s impedance through the illuminated
  • LED located on the paddle
  • Free CPR with no additional sensor
  • Integrated 6 channel thermal printer
  • Data connectivity through WLAN, USB
  • Compatible to SEMA data connectivity solution
  • Integrated non-skid hooks to easily fix the DEFIGARD HD-7 on a patient bed, a trolley etc.


  • External Pacemaker
  • SpO2 monitoring through SpO2 Masimo Set or SpO2 Nellcor Set 
  • NIBP Monitoring
  • EtCO2
  • Monitoring
  • CPR feedback with ARGUS LifePoint