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Treadmill for PC-based stress test.

COLT Treadmill, intended for use with all SCHILLER exercise testing system for administering a controlled exercise load during a diagnostic stress test. Standard features include the emergency stop switch, a full handrail set, and a long walking surface.

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  • Treadmill Interface provided with CARDIOVIT® CS-20
  • COLT® is built for comfort & to last with its thick walking belt and sleek design
  • Wide walking area
  • Speed: Maximum 15 kmph
  • Patient load upto 250 kg
  • Upto 20% of elevation available
  • Built-in RS 232 port for treadmill communication

Reclining position 0° – 45°

Tilt to left 0° – 30°

Convenient for ultrasound examinations

Quiet mechanism even at high speed