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CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro

Covers all essential ErgoSpiro applications

The CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro performs cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET) according to the latest ATS/ERS guidelines.

The metabolic tests combined with diagnostic-quality 12-lead exercise ECG is suitable for a wide range of subjects, from clinical patients to high-performance athletes. The PWC Ergo forms the heart of the system. Together with the pneumotach, it ensures the highest possible accuracy.

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  • Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis (VE, VO2, VCO2) with unique maintenance-free ultrasonic cell for CO2 measurement; easy, quick and fully assisted calibration for highly accurate measurements; charts and data display through standard or user-defined 9 panel
  • Fully integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with wireless acquisition improves patient comfort
  • Full disclosure storage of unfiltered, continuous ECG signals
  • Resting ECG with ETM automatic interpretation; ETM sport for interpretation of athletes’ hearts
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement with optional built-in SpO2 module from the BP-200 plus
  • Optional LFSport for the performance assessment and exercise scheduler are two comprehensive features for the use in sports medicine

ETM Sport

The first automated ECG interpretation module designed for athletes

The distinction between physiological and pathological ECG variations in athletes represents a major challenge.

SCHILLER’s ETM Sport, when used in sport aptitude tests, allows the number of false-positive results to be reduced while the sensitivity to detect heart disease remains unchanged.
ETM Sport is based on the Seattle Criteria.

Maintenance-free ultrasonic cell (for CO2 measurement)

Full disclosure storing of ECG signals

Easy, quick and fully assisted calibration