High-performance 16-channel ECG System

This multi-use workstation combines the largest touch screen with advanced clinical tools. SCHILLER’s high-end electrocardiograph AT-180 is based on the new SCHILLER software platform. It offers robust design for the busiest hospitals, as well as a combination of applications that makes it the ideal multi-use workstation for private practices.

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  • 18.5″ high-resolution multi-touch screen for easy ECG review
  • Full-size keyboard with a durable, exchangeable cover keeping dust, dirt and liquids away, making it highly hygienic
  • Resting rhythm upto 20 minutes
  • Hook-up adviser with colour-coded waveforms and anatomical model
  • Lead reversal detection
  • Exercise test option
  • Various optional diagnostic analysis programs
  • Resting 16-lead acquisition and analysis (optional): Based on real measurement data, not just calculations
  • Fast and secure bi-directional Wi-Fi communication (including PDQ and Worklist)


  • Resting 16-lead acquisition and analysis
  • ETM, SAECG, Vector ECG, Arrhythmia Detection, ECG re-measurement, 10 seconds resting ECG from resting rhythm

ETM Sport

The first automated ECG interpretation module designed for athletes

The distinction between physiological and pathological ECG variations in athletes represents a major challenge.

SCHILLER’s ETM Sport, when used in sport aptitude tests, allows the number of false-positive results to be reduced while the sensitivity to detect heart disease remains unchanged.
ETM Sport is based on the Seattle Criteria.

High-resolution multi-touch screen

Fast and secure bidirectional Wi-Fi (communication)

Exercise ECG