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Individual altitude simulation

Individual altitude simulation – Innovation for hypoxia training and testing

It is an innovating device for research in hypoxic, hyperoxic, and hypercapnic condition. Exposure to high altitude environment causes reactions in the body.

The versatility of the Altitrainer configures appropriate tests for performance and research safely. Simulated altitude training with regeneration in plain is now possible with AltiTrainer®.
The device makes it possible to simulate altitudes up to 5500 m.

With AltiTrainer it is possible to train subjects to intensive training in hypoxia conditions with ventilatory flows up to 200l/min.

AltiTrainer is designed to deliver the large amounts of hypoxic air required by a high-performance athlete at full exertion.

The working height can be freely selected and controlled by a microprocessor in conjunction with an oxygen probe.

AltiTrainer combines reliability, efficiency, simplicity and economy.

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  • AltiTrainer® enables individual altitude training (IHT) with ground-based regeneration. It facilitates altitude simulations of up to 5,500 meters above sea level and supports intensive hypoxia training with ventilation flows of up to 200 liters per minute
  • AltiTrainer® allows training in alternating hyperoxic and hypoxic environments. While recovering in hyperoxic environment, patients and individuals with reduced oxygen uptake can benefit from the hypoxic rehab and improve their cardiovascular health and overall condition
  • The body undergoes physiological changes when exposed to high altitudes, and these changes are the focus of continuous research. AltiTrainer®’s adaptability allows for the safe and customized configuration of tests for both patients and research purposes
  • The patient is exposed to a low-oxygen environment while their vital signs, oxygen saturation, and other physiological parameters are monitored. Using AltiTrainer®, High Altitude Conditioning Testing (HCT) can also be conducted without the need for a hypoxia chamber
  • Hypoxia training with the AltiTrainer® is suitable for treadmills and ergo bicycles
  • It offers full flexibility and can be quickly switched between different devices. Therefore one single AltiTrainer® meets the needs of different user groups, which makes its use very effective.
  • FO2 customizable at any time. Any altitude between 1,500-5,500 meters
  • By using N2 directly from gas cylinder, flow rates are virtually unlimited. In addition, no compressor is required