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Anaesthesia Workstation

Anaesthesia Workstation

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  • Double-tube mechanical flowmeter for each gas source with configuration of 2 gas or 3 gas
  • Faster and efficient operation with 8.4′ LCD color touch screen
  • Clinically required Ventilation modes like IPPV, PCV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, CPAP / PS
  • Accurate and stable tidal volume delivery (Minimum 20mL tidal volume ), suitable for both Infant, Paediatric and Adult patients
  • Simultaneous monitoring of loops, waveforms, set and monitoring parameters with color codes
  • Quick button to switch between manual and Auto ventilation mode
  • Alloy Breathing System with 1.8L big capacity of canister meets long operating time

Comprehensive Safety System

  • Power On-Self-test. Can be skipped in emergency and carry out any time later
  • N2O cut off valve, oxygen ratio control valve and oxygen concentration monitoring system
  • Power off in 10 seconds after turn off in case of any accidental operation
  • Integrated Battery back up for 2 hours


  • Multiple Anaesthetic Gas Monitoring (AGM) or CO2 with mainstream or side stream option
  • Scavenging System (AGSS) for which supports passive and active systems
  • Suction system
  • Vaporizers – All aesthetic agents with various filling options, Support Selectatec mounting upto 2 units