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A-mac E6

High-end Anaesthesia Workstation

High-end Anaesthesia Workstation

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  • Ergonomic & Versatile design with the 12″ high-resolution touch screen, which ensures seamless and precise navigation for the simplified user accessibility
  • Uniformly Heated alluminium alloy Breathing system to avoid condensation during low-flow anaesthesia or longer operative procedures
  • User-centric monitoring of loops, waveforms and alarm logs to expedite the clinicians in reviewing the patient’s treatment information
  • Wide range of ventilation modes like IPPV, PCV, PS and Manual, SIMV-VC/PC+PSV given as standard
  • Advanced ventilation modes such as PCV-VG, APRV, Bi-Vent, and SIMV-VG, designed to assist clinicians in managing a wide range of moderate to severe critical surgical procedures
  • A minimum tidal volume of 10ml in Volume Control Ventilation (IPPV)
  • CO2 bypass feature
  • ACGO – Standard Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet
  • Standard Auxiliary O2 gas outlet

Advanced Monitoring and Clinical Tools

  • Continuous trend data and discrete time-stamped events are stored and displayed in tabular or chart formats, with the added capability of loop-saving facilities
  • Featuring Two Recruitment Maneuver Options: Gradual PEEP increment or Sustained Inflation
  • Advanced Lung Protective tools i.e. Stress Index, Driving Pressure and PV tool for safe and reliable surgical procedures
  • Offering cardiopulmonary bypass mode (CBP) to facilitate the execution of cardiac surgeries.
  • Compatible with HL7 Connectivity with HIS

Optional & Upgradeable Features

  • AGSS – Active:Optional, Passive: Standard
  • Multiple Anaesthetic Gas Monitoring (AGM) or CO2 with mainstream or side stream option
  • Comprehensive calculations for the consumption of medical gases including O2, N2O,&  AA, along with the calculations for CO2 production.
  • Vaporizers for all AA (Halo, ISO, SEVO & DES) featuring various filling options and supporting Selectatec mounting for up to 2 units