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LT Col (Dr.) Raj Ratan

Cl Spl (Surgery) & Neurosurgery

Army Hospital (R&R)

Schiller India's Mobile CT scanner is quick and precise and provides instant access to top-notch diagnostic images right at the patient's bedside, whether it's in the Neuro ICU, wards, and operating rooms. It also assists in carrying out cranial
intraoperative surgeries.


Dr. Deepak Agrawal

Professor Neurosurgeon

Department Of Neurosurgery, AIIMS & Associated JPNATC,

New Delhi

At the JPNA Trauma unit, we frequently receive head and neck injury patients, many of whom require urgent CT scans and a lot of these patients have multiple IV lines and ventilators attached to them, making transportation for scans difficult. The CereTom Mobile CT scanner helps manage such patients as it is portable and can be brought to them, rather than needing to transport these patients to the CT scanner.


Dr. Deepak Gupta

MCH, PhD, FRCS Professor & Consultant Neurosurgeon

Department Of Neurosurgery, AIIMS & Associated JPNATC,

New Delhi

Mobile CT scanners have revolutionized the management of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. In cases where immediate brain imaging is crucial in the ICU, it can be challenging and even dangerous to move a critically injured patient to a traditional fixed CT scanner. The portable CereTom CT scanner addresses this issue and provides several advantages in the management of TBI patients which can be also used during intraoperative surgery and for scanning patients recovering in the neuro critical care ICU.


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An innovative solution which brings the ER to the patient, saving time and saving lives.

Approximately 87% of strokes are ischemic and could be treatable with tPA if administered within 3 hours. Reducing the time to treatment is critical to the health of a stroke patient. Samsung NeuroLogica developed the world’s first mobile stroke ambulance equipped with a CereTom CT scanner. CereTom produces real-time, high-quality low contrast images at the site of triage. Diagnosis onsite can reduce time to tPA treatment or transport to a comprehensive stroke center by up to 33%.

16 slice Portable Mobile CT Scanner

The OmniTom® Elite 16-slice mobile CT scanner delivers high-quality non-contrast CT, CT angiography, and CT perfusion scans at the point-of-care. The long-lasting battery is easily charged using a standard wall outlet, allowing for easy storage and transportation throughout your facility.

32 Slice Portable Whole Body CT Scanner

As the world’s first mobile, full-body, 32-slice CT (computed tomography) scanner, BodyTom® Elite is a multi-departmental imaging solution capable of transforming any room in the hospital into an advanced imaging suite The BodyTom Elite is battery-powered with an innovative internal drive system allowing it to be easily transported from room to room. It is compatible with PACS, EMR, planning systems, and surgical and robotic navigation systems. Uniquely designed to accommodate patients of all sizes, BodyTom® Elite provides point-of-care CT imaging wherever high-quality CT images are needed, including the operating room, intensive care unit, radiation oncology suites, and the emergency department

An innovation in pre-hospital stroke treatment