Standards That Save Lives

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) honoured Johann-Jakob SCHMID with the IEC 1906 Award for his commitment to the standardisation of electromedical devices.

The IEC, based in Geneva, is concerned with the standardisation, measurement, research and monitoring of electrical engineering. Johann-Jakob Schmid, Vice President of the SCHILLER Group, has been involved with the IEC for over 20 years. He chairs the international joint working group that develops the standards for electromedical devices.

These standards significantly contribute to the safety of medical devices, for example in the cardiopulmonary field, in rescue or in resuscitation. In the USA and in Europe, these standards have now been adopted as legal standards and are therefore mandatory for manufacturers when developing new devices. A new standard for the ECG sector is currently in the works and will be published in 2022. Johann-Jakob Schmid explains: “We are defining a new, common standard for resting, stress and long-term ECG as well as for the monitoring of cardiac activity, i.e. for everything that measures electricity in the heart”.

The award is also a recognition for SCHILLER, headquartered in Baar/Switzerland. Alfred E. Schiller, the owner and chairman of the SCHILLER group, is delighted with the international honour bestowed on his deputy: “We welcome and support Johann-Jakob Schmid’s commitment to the IEC. The safety of our medical equipment is our top priority”.

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