SCHILLER’s DEFIGARD Touch 7 Rescues Hiker in Snowy Peaks 

In a challenging rescue operation amid the snowy peaks of Madrid’s Guadarrama mountain range, SCHILLER’s emergency defibrillator, the DEFIGARD Touch 7, played a crucial role in saving the life of a 58-year-old hiker who suffered a heart attack. 


The high-altitude rescue was carried out by the specialized team known as the High Altitude Rescue Group (GERA). Armed with the DEFIGARD Touch 7, along with essential rescue equipment including a stretcher and ropes, the team successfully located and retrieved the distressed hiker in the Siete Picos area. 


Coordinating efforts with Summa 112, the Red Cross, the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group, the Civil Guard, and Madrid Rescue Services, the rescue team navigated extreme snowy conditions to execute the complex operation. The woman was swiftly transported to the hospital, ensuring prompt medical attention. 


This successful mission highlights the critical role played by SCHILLER’s DEFIGARD Touch 7 in challenging and life-threatening situations. The DEFIGARD Touch 7’s reliability and portability were key factors in facilitating a coordinated and effective rescue effort in collaboration with various emergency response organizations. 


For further details, the Spanish article covering the incident is available on the newspaper “El Español”: Rescate en la sierra de Guadarrama: una mujer en estado grave tras sufrir un infarto en plena montaña.