SCHILLER Introduces Portable, Touchscreen ECG Device – CARDIOVIT® FT-2

CARDIOVIT® FT-2 is SCHILLER’s answer to the highest hospital demands. We are proud to announce our brand-new portable, touchscreen ECG device CARDIOVIT® FT-2. 

CARDIOVIT® FT-2 is the first portable SCHILLER electrocardiograph that offers an optional thermal printer. 

SCHILLER focused on the benefits in the hospital: The new ECG device is highly hygienic. The seamless surface of the large touchscreen is easy to clean. No keyboard is necessary to operate the device. All cables are neatly stowed away in the trolley. 

It comes along with advanced cybersecurity. The security-hardened Linux kernel minimizes the risk in case of cyberattacks. Configurable access control with username, password, and privileges prevents unauthorized access. Wi-Fi protocols including certificate-based authentication ensure secure access to the hospital IT infrastructure. 

Extensive connectivity is ensured: Bidirectional communication for easy data access via worklist or PDQ, and fast transmission of all reports to EMR/HIS systems are given. The CARDIOVIT® FT-2 provides an optional thermal printer, allowing to choose the best configuration for paper-based or paperless hospital workflow. 

High-end diagnostic tools 

CARDIOVIT® FT-2 offers resting ECG with the SCHILLER ECG interpretation algorithm ETM including ETM Sport, the automatic interpretation for athletes. It performs resting rhythm recording for up to 20 minutes. Spirometry, based on the ultrasound technology of the SpiroScout SP plus, is optionally available.  


Add spirometry to your CARDIOVIT® FT-2 

With the SpiroScout SP plus (optional), the CARDIOVIT® FT-2 also becomes a spirometer. Thanks to GANSHORN’s ultrasound technology, spirometry recordings are highly accurate, and the sensor is maintenance- and calibration-free. 


The spirometry option offers FVC, SVC and MVV with a large selection of reference standards, pre and post tests, as well as interpretation of the FVC results. The device provides feedback on the procedure’s quality during the test and after each trial. An incentive screen is included for trials with children. 


CARDIOVIT® FT-2: A SCHILLER solution for the highest hospital demands.