SCHILLER Solution Improves Patient Outcomes In Oxford

Transformational partnership has dramatically improved treatment & patient outcomes at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxfordshire.


Consultant Cardiologist, Mr Kim Rajappan, has worked at the John Radcliffe Hospital for over 16 years and has welcomed this partnership with SCHILLER UK. Before implementing their new, fully comprehensive SCHILLER solution, they were using the old method of printing out ECG’s which presented them with a number of issues; they weren’t always able to compare current patient ECGs with their previous reports due to inaccessibility of post patient notes & this had a negative impact on decision-making and patient outcomes.


‘Every second counts when people are having a heart attack; being able to compare an old ECG to the current one could literally be the difference between life or death’ reports Mr Rajappan. ‘Long- term management of cardiology patients is highly dependent on the availability of ECG’s and our new solution allows us to access this data at any time, anywhere in the world’. Mr Rajappan also describes the positive impact he has had with pre­operative care as he is able to analyse & interpret accurate data at anytime & give advice to colleagues quickly, even when he is off-site.


CARDIOVIT FT-1 ECG integrated EPR solution is certainly the right way to go


“Our SCHILLER system works well for us because we can quickly scan the patients wristband, which will bring up accurate information from our central electronic patient record system. The ECG will then be set instantaneously to the patient record & the information will be available immediately; from a clinical governance perspective, we can also be assured the right ECG will be sent to the right patient record, this is a major advantage of this system as long term management is highly dependent on the availability of historical ECGs’ SEMA supports two-way communication with hospital information systems retrieving patient demographics and orders, and exporting recordings in HL7 format, as well as results and waveforms”.