Celebrating Innovation and Milestones: 50 Years of SCHILLER

As we usher in the year 2024, it’s with great excitement and pride that we at SCHILLER also welcome a significant milestone i.e. our 50th anniversary. Founded in 1974 by the visionary physicist Alfred E. Schiller, our journey began in the picturesque surroundings near Zurich, Switzerland. This year, as we commemorate half a century of innovation and excellence, we’re eager to share with you the pivotal moments and products that have shaped our legacy. 


It all started with a revolutionary idea and a kitchen table. In 1974, Alfred Schiller embarked on a mission to transform the ECG market. The result was the MINISCOPE MS-1, a device that redefined portability and accessibility in cardiac care. Unlike the cumbersome and stationary ECG devices of the time, the MINISCOPE MS-1 was ultralight and portable, making it an instant sensation among healthcare professionals. The demand was so overwhelming that the first 250 units were pre-ordered swiftly, with customers willing to pay half the price upfront for a product delivery within six months. 


But the innovation didn’t stop there. Alfred Schiller continued to push the boundaries by integrating a printer into the device, giving birth to the MINIGRAPH MG-1. This addition further cemented our position in the market, with 5,000 units of the MINISCOPE MS-1 and 12,000 units of the MINIGRAPH MG-1 and its successor, the MINIGRAPH MG-1A, eventually sold. 


Alfred Schiller’s vision extended beyond cardiac care. Recognizing the need for compact and efficient medical devices, he developed the Minispirometer SP-1A in 1978, a pioneering tool for lung analysis. This expansion reflected our commitment to improving patient care across multiple disciplines. 


Our growth necessitated a move from our initial domestic production site to a new three-story building in Baar in 1979, marking the first of several expansions, including additional buildings in 1986, 2000, and 2011. Today, our headquarters in Baar is a bustling hub of innovation, home to approximately 180 dedicated employees. 


The establishment of SCHILLER-Reomed in 1983 in Dietikon, Switzerland, was a pivotal moment in our international expansion. This sales and service organization laid the groundwork for our global outreach, which was further strengthened with the move to renovated offices in Obfelden, Switzerland, in 2018. The rebranding of SCHILLER-Reomed to SCHILLER Switzerland in 2023 underscores our enduring commitment to innovation and excellence on a global scale.  


As we stand on the brink of our 50th year, we at SCHILLER look back with immense pride at the journey we have undertaken. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our employees, partners, and customers who have been part of our journey. Thank you for joining us in celebrating 50 years of SCHILLER.