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CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence: Our Solution for Accurate Stress Testing

Cardiologists have a wide range of non-invasive tests at their disposal to assess the hearts of patients with suspected heart diseases. These tests are useful tools for reaching a diagnosis, so the differences between them are significant….

How to Choose the Best ECG for Your Needs

When deciding to invest in an electrocardiograph, the first step is to obtain one from a reliable, well-known, and reputable company. Whether you are getting an ECG for the first time or replacing an outdated device, there are several aspects you must consider to make a good choice.

Diagnosis of Asthma: Challenges and Solutions

The urgency of diagnosing asthma stems from two primary factors. Firstly, it’s estimated to impact 300 million individuals globally. Secondly, the treatment of asthma imposes significant financial burdens on both healthcare institutions and patients.

SCHILLER’s Holter, medilog®AR & ABPM, BR-102 plus Essential Tools For Ambulatory Monitoring

Ambulatory monitoring devices, such as Holters and ABPM, play a crucial role in collecting and analyzing long-term data for the early detection of significant physiological events.

LFX Software: Revolutionizing Pulmonary Function Testing with SCHILLER’s Comprehensive Solution

SCHILLER’s LFX Software is a comprehensive solution for pulmonary function testing, offering a solution that significantly elevates the standard of care for patients with respiratory conditions.

Advantages Of Spirometry To Differentiate Asthma From COPD

Asthma and COPD are clearly differentiated… on paper. But in real life, diagnosing one or the other isn’t as straightforward as the books say. It is very common for patients to present symptoms that are very common in both diseases. 

SCHILLER’s Evolving Technology

While, years ago, electrocardiographs did not have a keyboard, screen, or even a battery, nor could they acquire 12 leads simultaneously, today, they are industry standards. That is how far-reaching the inventions of our founder, Alfred E. Schiller, have been.

Usefulness of Portable CT Scanners For Neurologists

Portable CT scanners are a unique development in the field of medical technology that allow for high-quality imaging without requiring the patient to be moved to a separate location. This innovative technology has revolutionized the way medical professionals can diagnose.