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CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence: Our Solution for Accurate Stress Testing

Cardiologists have a wide range of non-invasive tests at their disposal to assess the hearts of patients with suspected heart diseases. These tests are useful tools for reaching a diagnosis, so the differences between them are significant….

How to Choose the Best ECG for Your Needs

When deciding to invest in an electrocardiograph, the first step is to obtain one from a reliable, well-known, and reputable company. Whether you are getting an ECG for the first time or replacing an outdated device, there are several aspects you must consider to make a good choice.

LFX Software: Revolutionizing Pulmonary Function Testing with SCHILLER’s Comprehensive Solution

SCHILLER’s LFX Software is a comprehensive solution for pulmonary function testing, offering a solution that significantly elevates the standard of care for patients with respiratory conditions.

Removal Of Brain Tumour Through The Eyelid

For the first time in India, MIOT Neurosurgeons utilized the natural folding of the eyelid to reach a 4 cm, giant brain tumour without any damage to the eye. Conventionally, such brain tumours require a large opening in the head, leaving deep and ugly scars.  Experts at MIOT International, Chennai devised an innovative and novel strategy to remove such a large tumour using a keyhole approach, leaving no scars.