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LFX Software: Revolutionizing Pulmonary Function Testing with SCHILLER’s Comprehensive Solution

SCHILLER’s LFX Software is a comprehensive solution for pulmonary function testing, offering a solution that significantly elevates the standard of care for patients with respiratory conditions.  This user-friendly patient management platform equips healthcare professionals with sophisticated tools, ensuring high-quality lung assessments. 

At SCHILLER-GANSHORN, we recognize the pivotal role accurate pulmonary function tests play in patients’ well-being across all age groups.  Our LFX Software is a comprehensive solution built on cutting-edge Windows tools such as .Net, C#, and MySQL and MSSQL databases, and is designed to meet this need. 

Discover the transformative impact of LFX Software on the quality of life for patients battling asthma, COPD, ILD and other respiratory conditions. 

LFX Software: A Versatile Platform for Comprehensive Testing 

The LFX Software serves as a versatile platform encompassing all parameters necessary for conducting comprehensive, reliable, and accurate pulmonary function tests in adults, geriatrics, and pediatrics alike. Its intuitive interface simplifies processes for tests like spirometry, lung diffusion, lung volumes, respiratory muscle strength, direct challenge test, infant spirometry CPET and oscillometry, offering a statistical module for comparing patient visits and a biological control module to ensure test quality, all in compliance with ATS and ERS quality standards.  The software further seamlessly integrates such tests into a unified platform, streamlining data management and access.   

Let’s delve into how this software seamlessly works with each of these testing methodologies. 

SpiroScout harnesses the advantages of ultrasonic technology to measure pulmonary flows and volumes, ensuring high precision, even with low flows. It also utilizes hygienic mouthpieces, ScoutTube, to prevent cross-contamination and eliminates the need for warming up or calibration. 

The LFX Software allows you to measure FVC (Forced Vital Capacity), SVC (Slow Vital Capacity), and MVV (Maximum Voluntary Ventilation), among others. Additionally, it enables the comparison of a patient’s spirometry results to analyze the effectiveness of treatment. LFX includes a pediatric incentive feature that displays candles to guide young patients during the maneuver. 

The following are advantages of the LFX Software: 

– Complies with ATS/ERS quality criteria for determining test validity. 

– User-friendly interface. 

– Zoom in on any part of the respiratory curve with ease. 

– Reports feature modern, explanatory graphical elements. 

– Full Windows programming. 

– General Data Transfer (GDT). 

– Network connectivity capability. 

– HL7 Interface. 

– DICOM solutions. 

In essence, the LFX Software represents a powerful tool that enhances the management of pulmonary function tests.  With its array of features simplifying data comparison, doctors gain a comprehensive view, enabling informed treatment decisions for their patients. Prioritize your patients’ lung health with our advanced devices and innovative software. 


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