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medilog® DARWIN2 software: the heart of our holter

medilog® DARWIN2 is a sophisticated and accurate software for the Windows® system, exclusive to SCHILLER, designed for viewing and analyzing medilog® AR Holter recordings. Discover everything this tool can do to simplify the review of 24, 48, 72, or up to 14 days of continuous recording and provide you with much more information than a conventional Holter.

medilog® DARWIN2 for Holter

The SCHILLER medilog® Holter System consists of the medilog® AR recorder and the medilog® DARWIN2 software. This algorithm provides the highest accuracy in beat detection and classification, effectively identifying arrhythmias.

During ambulatory monitoring, this platform analyzes electrocardiographic signals, and heart rate. Then, it uses the information it obtains to calculate and display statistical values of these data in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand format. Our software’s advanced technology includes powerful tools, which we describe below.

Tools for precise and efficient ambulatory monitoring

medilog® DARWIN2 offers much more than just arrhythmia detection: it provides a comprehensive analysis of the patient. To achieve this, it relies on a set of sophisticated tools that make a difference in diagnosing and monitoring patients:

medilog®ADAPT. The medilog®ADAPT algorithm increases accuracy up to 99.9%. Each tenth of a percentage point indicates approximately 100 more beats detected correctly automatically. What does this mean for the user? 100 fewer interactions when processing a 24-hour recording.

medilog®ADAPT analyzes all recorded channels and automatically excludes noisy episodes. This improves the analysis of authentic recordings, saving user time when reviewing the study with confidence that the Holter data is accurate.

Efficient Data Transfer. With the medilog® DARWIN2 software, transferring data is quick and effortless. The automatic analysis of a 24-hour Holter recording now takes less than 90 seconds, providing highly accurate results that accelerate the patient diagnosis process.

See how easy it is to use medilog® DARWIN2! Discover the simplicity of our advanced software!

Intuitive interface that saves time

medilog® DARWIN2 for medilog® provides an intuitive working interface that saves time because it only takes a few clicks to view, delete, or add the parameters and measurements needed by the user. Here are some of its smart features:

  • Noise Directory, a feature that helps the user review strips marked as noise and remove them or include them in the analysis.
  • Review of morphologies by waterfall or overlap, with easy
  • Rhythm strips that can
  • Tabular summary of arrhythmias with the possibility of viewing events individually.
  • Ability to display the entire report with easy color-coded location of each of the events.

medilog® DARWIN2 is not only designed to extract all the patient’s information and facilitate tailored treatment but also includes features that enhance the diagnostic abilities of cardiologists and electrophysiologist and streamline their work.

Easy and fast PDF ​reports

The medilog® DARWIN2 software offers fully configurable reporting and analysis functions according to clinician requirements, defining standardized statements of interpretation and configuring different report templates for types of patients. Final report is fully configurable to the user’s preferences and needs, with editable narrative summary. The custom reports feature allows PDF report generation with the practice information and logo, which is then printed in the report header. This module offers:

  • Predefined reports
  • Personalized Report tool
  • Cover sheet templates
  • Summary templates
  • Predefined reports
  • Cover sheet templates
  • Summary templates

With a few clicks, the physician retrieves, analyzes patient data and presents results in a customized report format.

See how easy it is to generate a report with medilog® DARWIN2.

                                     Are you ready to experience the ambulatory holter monitoring of the future?

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