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SCHILLER’s Evolving Technology

While, years ago, electrocardiographs did not have a keyboard, screen, or even a battery, nor could they acquire 12 leads simultaneously, today, they are industry standards.  That is how far-reaching the inventions of our founder, Alfred E. Schiller, have been. 


Join us to discover the contributions in the field of cardiopulmonary, emergency, and diagnostic devices that make us feel so proud to be one of the leading manufacturing companies in the market. 


“I’ve always wanted to save lives” 


The vision of our founder, Alfred E. Schiller, is to provide healthcare professionals and researchers with the most advanced cardiopulmonary equipment in the market in order to help them save lives. 


Mr. Schiller is an inventor born in Switzerland, in 1943.  His professional training as a physicist led him to found SCHILLER AG in 1974.  The invention that opened doors for him was the successful Miniscope which, for many years, was the smallest and lightest emergency electrocardioscope in the market. 


Constant technological innovation 


Throughout his prolific career, which is still ongoing, Alfred E. Schiller’s scientific curiosity led him to provide invaluable improvements for medicine that are now industry standards.  Proof of this is that two years after the Miniscope, SCHILLER launched the smallest electrocardiograph, of that time, that was the first to include a microcomputer that allowed automatic measurement and ECG interpretation and it also came with an integrated printer. 


The success of SCHILLER’s ECGs, i.e. the CARDIOVIT line, allowed the company to gradually increase its equipment portfolio.  Thus, it began to produce other medical devices such as ambulatory blood pressure monitors, spirometers and vital signs monitors.  Mr. Schiller also innovated the DS-20 diagnostic station that included, in a single device, the functions of ECG, blood pressure, thermometry, pulse oximeter and pulse wave analysis (PWA), which analyzes the speed of the pulse wave and blood pressure in a single measurement. 


Among some of its greatest technological innovations we can mention: 

  • The first pocket defibrillator, Fred Easyport – It weighs less than half a kilogram, i.e., 490 grams, includes a battery and has a screen that allows you to view the ECG. 
  • The Heart Rate Variability (HRV) software used by some of our CARDIOVIT electrocardiographs – A tool that helps determine the risk of a heart attack in a patient. 
  • Medilog Darwin2 – our Holter analysis program for the storage, beat and rhythm classification and the diagnosis of long-term ECG recordings that helps save time and reduces errors. 


Not only does SCHILLER innovate, our devices also evolve alongside advances in technology, which is the only way to ensure that health professionals and researchers have the tools that are required to diagnose patients early and accurately. 


SCHILLER is a world manufacturer leader 


When Mr. Schiller founded the company, his offices were in a four-room apartment.  Shortly after, the operation moved to the city of Zug, Switzerland, a place that is strategically located and has a great infrastructure.  This allowed SCHILLER to attract highly qualified specialists to design, innovate and improve our products, which is what allows us to guarantee our famous quality standards. 


Today, SCHILLER AG has 30 subsidiaries worldwide, which includes Schiller India, more than 100 distributors and 1,100 direct employees.  Mr. Alfred E. Schiller continues to invent with the same passion as he did more than four decades ago. 


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