ROSA Comes To Rescue At Amrita Hospital In Kochi - SCHILLER

ROSA Comes To Rescue At Amrita Hospital In Kochi

ROSA (Robotic Stereotactic Assistance) is a robotic assistant that helps surgeons in planning and performing complex neurosurgical procedures in a minimally invasive manner. It facilitates fast, accurate and minimally invasive neurosurgery.

Dr. Ashok Pillai along with Dr Ayyadurai R has performed close to 800 surgeries with Rosa Brain, which was installed in 2014 at Kochi. One such surgery was performed on a 46-year old woman from Maldives who was diagnosed with severe neurological disorders. She got a new lease of life after a Deep Brain Stimulation surgery was performed on her at Amrita Hospital with the help of ROSA. Using its advanced brain-sensing technology the patient was brought back to normal life.

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