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Removal Of Brain Tumour Through The Eyelid

For the first time in India, MIOT Neurosurgeons utilized the natural folding of the eyelid to reach a 4 cm, giant brain tumour without any damage to the eye. Conventionally, such brain tumours require a large opening in the head, leaving deep and ugly scars.  Experts at MIOT International, Chennai devised an innovative and novel strategy to remove such a large tumour using a keyhole approach, leaving no scars.

Schiller India’s All-Woman Manufacturing Unit At Vizag

At SCHILLER “Woman Empowerment” is not just a jargon but a practice we abide by earnestly. Our manufacturing facility at Vizag has an all-woman team that is in charge of the production and packaging of our SOLUS and TRUSCOPE range of monitors

The Importance of Resting ECG In Sports Check-Up – Biswajit Pradhan, National Product Manager, SCHILLER India

The combination of heart and sport has been a topic for over a century. The benefits and risks that are involved in relation to sport have been debated and the ECG has

ROSA Comes To Rescue At Amrita Hospital In Kochi

ROSA (Robotic Stereotactic Assistance) is a robotic assistant that helps surgeons in planning and performing complex neurosurgical procedures in a minimally invasive manner. It facilitates fast, accurate and minimally invasive neurosurgery. Dr. Ashok Pillai