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SCHILLER, founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller is a successful group with 30 subsidiaries and a global sales network. Today, SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, defibrillation and patient monitoring as well as software solutions for the medical industry.


Over the last 25 years, SCHILLER has established itself as a leader in the medical technology sector in India. With 350+ employees, two production centres and a R&D facility SCHILLER makes state–of–the–art healthcare equipment accessible through a network of 100 sales & service personnel spread across more than 45 locations. Our product range covers Critical Care, Anaesthesia, Emergency Care, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Radiology and Robotics.

Dr. Vinit P. Niranjane

Consultant Pulmonologist

Respira Chest & Critical Care Center, Nagpur

In my specialized field where precise diagnostics is most important, the tremoflo C-100 from SCHILLER has proven invaluable, especially in detecting Obstructive Airway disease cases that remain undetected by traditional spirometry methods.

LT Col (Dr.) Raj Ratan

Cl Spl (Surgery) & Neurosurgery

Army Hospital (R&R)

Schiller India's Mobile CT scanner is quick and precise and provides instant access to top-notch diagnostic images right at the patient's bedside, whether it's in the Neuro ICU, wards, and operating rooms. It also assists in carrying out cranial
intraoperative surgeries.

Dr. Arjun Khanna

Pulmonologist & Intensivist

Amrita Hospital, Delhi NCR

I rely on the advanced PFT workstation, which includes PFT, Body Box, CPET, and FOT. SCHILLER's PFT system is my workhorse, allowing me to diagnose advanced lung functions with ease and precision. It has proven to be a reliable tool, enabling me to provide the best care to my patients with respiratory disorders.

Dr. Deepak Talwar


Metro Hospitals & Heart Institute, Noida

The Schiller CPET system is unparalleled in accuracy and service quality. With its exceptional interpretation capabilities, I trust this system to deliver successful outcomes in all my chest-related procedures. Its reliability has earned my utmost confidence, making it an indispensable tool in my practice.

Dr. Sandeep Kadam


Hope And Health Clinic, Pune

Over the last few years, I have relied on Schiller’s neonatal ventilators for their precision and ease of use, enabling me to provide the best care for micro preemies. My commitment to embracing innovative and reliable medical technology in the NICU has resulted in enhanced patient outcomes.

Dr. Sunil Gavhane


MGM Medical College, Aurangabad

In my belief, mechanical ventilators are of utmost importance for sick patients, especially for VLBW (Very Low Birth Weight) infants in the NICU. SCHILLER'S Neo ventilator stands out as a user-friendly and easy-to-operate device, benefiting both doctors and staff in busy medical units.

Dr. Deepak Gupta

MCH, PhD, FRCS Professor & Consultant Neurosurgeon

Department Of Neurosurgery, AIIMS & Associated JPNATC,

New Delhi

Mobile CT scanners have revolutionized the management of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. In cases where immediate brain imaging is crucial in the ICU, it can be challenging and even dangerous to move a critically injured patient to a traditional fixed CT scanner. The portable CereTom CT scanner addresses this issue and provides several advantages in the management of TBI patients which can be also used during intraoperative surgery and for scanning patients recovering in the neuro critical care ICU.

Dr. Deepak Agrawal

Professor Neurosurgeon

Department Of Neurosurgery, AIIMS & Associated JPNATC,

New Delhi

At the JPNA Trauma unit, we frequently receive head and neck injury patients, many of whom require urgent CT scans and a lot of these patients have multiple IV lines and ventilators attached to them, making transportation for scans difficult. The CereTom Mobile CT scanner helps manage such patients as it is portable and can be brought to them, rather than needing to transport these patients to the CT scanner.

Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar


Getwell Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur

SCHILLER’s PowerCube Diffusion+ and tremoflo C-100 have proven instrumental in narrowing down diagnoses with accuracy and efficiency.

Dr. Chinamaya J. Kulkarni

Consulting & Interventional Cardiologist

Anugraha Healthcare, Nashik

I have been using Schiller India’s ECG device CARDIOVIT AT-180, which I am extremely satisfied with. I highly recommend this device as the quality of tests is exceptional, and Schiller India’s service is unparalleled.

Dr. N S Hiregoudar

Interventional Cardiologist

Suchirayu Hospital, Hubli

SCHILLER's TMT and ECG devices have been indispensable in my daily practice, providing reliable and precise results. Their dependability enhances my ability to deliver the best care to my patients.

Dr. Eapen Punnoose

MDDM, HOD of Cardiology

M. O. S. C. M. C. Hospital, Kolenchery

SCHILLER’s TMTs, and Holter devices have been my trusted tools for years. Their reliability and accuracy are unparalleled, and the rare instances of breakdown are always met with prompt and excellent service. SCHILLER's commitment to quality and maintenance ensures that I can provide the best care for my patients with confidence.

Dr. Jayagopal P B

Director & Senior Interventional Cardiologist

Lakshmi Hospital, Palakkad

For the past three decades, I have relied on SCHILLER's TMT and ECG devices. Remarkably, the TMT machine functioned flawlessly for 19 years, and the service provided has been consistently excellent. I continue to vouch for SCHILLER products, as their ECG devices remain the best available in the market—hassle-free and user-friendly. SCHILLER's commitment to quality and innovation makes them my trusted partner in providing top-notch cardiac care.

Dr. Ranjeet S Palkar

Consultant – Cardiology,

Marathwada Medical and Research Institute, Aurangabad

We are extremely satisfied with the SCHILLER’s CARDIOVIT® CS-200 Excellence with the BP 200 Plus device, which was installed over a year ago at our hospital. The device has significantly enhanced our patient care capabilities. We are also grateful for the excellent service provided by the SCHILLER team.

Dr. Ravi Yadav

Pulmonologists & Intensivist

Yes Hospital, Nagpur

Schiller India's GRAPHNET ts is a sturdy device and has proven invaluable in effectively managing patients with respiratory challenges. I am thoroughly pleased with the product's performance, user friendliness and the exemplary services provided by SCHILLER.


Dr. Venkatesh B. P.

Interventional Cardiologist,

Heart Check Center

SCHILLER's TMT and CARDIOVIT® CS10 / 20 have been instrumental in my practice, providing reliable and precise diagnostics that enable me to diagnose and treat my patients effectively. These tools have significantly enhanced the quality of care I provide, and I highly recommend them to my colleagues.

Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah

MD, FCCP. Professor & Head Pulmonary Medicine,

GMC, Srinagar

As a pulmonologist, I consider the NIOX VERO® device essential for asthma management due to its accurate and reliable FeNO tests, which provide rapid feedback crucial for informed clinical decisions. I highly recommend the NIOX VERO® for its precision and user-friendly interface in asthma care.


Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah

MD, FCCP. Professor & Head Pulmonary Medicine,

GMC, Srinagar

As a pulmonologist constantly seeking innovative, non-pharmacological diagnostic tools, I've found EucapSys® to be exceptionally beneficial. Its drug-free methodology not only aligns with modern clinical standards but also offers a more comfortable experience for patients. Its ease of use and cost-effectiveness make it indispensable in my practice.


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